The best white nail polish to buy now-PureWow

2021-11-26 10:18:33 By : Mr. Derek Lin

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The crisp white mani made right is really just a *chef's kiss*. The shade is suitable for every season, goes well with all skin tones, and looks so clean and refreshing on your tips. But anyone who regularly uses white polishes knows that finding a formula that is neither too transparent nor too streaky is a challenge. To eliminate guesswork, we continue to collect 12 of the best white nail polishes-from shiny pearls to creamy eggshells. Trust us, you will want to add them all to your collection as soon as possible.

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OPI has one of the best white polishes, which is really not surprising. With a fanatical following, the brand consistently offers the vibrant trendy shades we love so much-Alpine Snow is no exception. One of our favorite things about this choice is the constructability of the formula. So whether you are looking for a translucent look or full coverage, this little gem can meet your needs. After drying, it has a beautiful eggshell finish, which is neither too shiny nor too matte, making it perfect for year-round wear.

If you like gel nails because of their shiny surface (and no drying time), but prefer to ignore the possibility of nail damage, let us show you this nail polish. With a refreshing linen white hue, it also has a plush-like effect-just like those salon nails. The dual-patent formula lasts for up to two weeks and is infused with nourishing ingredients such as omega-6 fatty acids, biotin and green tea extract.

Almost anyone can ask them what is their least favorite thing when applying nail polish, and they are likely to say how long it takes to dry the nail polish-we totally agree. There is nothing more frustrating than using a shadow that requires five layers to fully cover but then becomes sticky and full of bubbles. The solution to this problem? Insta-Dri nail color by Sally Hansen. A single coat dries in 60 seconds or less. "White On Time" is a classic ivory shade that you will want to use over and over again.

If your basic white polish is not for you, choose a shiny color to add a touch of brilliance to your fingers. This shiny selection from Smith & Cult offers a creamy white finish with minimal sparkle and a diamond-like effect.

If you want to do the opposite and make it shine in the audience, you can choose a shade like Zoya's "Genesis". After drying, this baby will have a super shiny makeup effect that shines in every light.

If you want to immerse your toes in the white polished world, we recommend that you start with a forgiving tone like Essie's Marshmallow, which has a slightly transparent finish, but not transparent to translucent. Despite being on the thinner side, the formula still provides excellent coverage that is buildable and long-lasting. (It does look as fluffy and delicious as marshmallows—not sticky.)

This is a striking white. This is the kind of hue that you put on your nails all summer because it makes your tan more popular and fits every bikini you have. It is also the kind of white, providing the same comprehensive coverage as the White Out manis we gave ourselves in elementary school-no confusion. In addition, the formula does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, and the wallet-friendly price is only the most important.

The formula of China Glaze not only provides you with two-layer (or less) coats of opaque nail art, but also a matte finish after drying, which looks absolutely gorgeous in the autumn and winter months.

When it encounters milky white, it will become a porcelain finish after drying, which will never go out of style. It earned an extra gold star for its budget-friendly price point and long-lasting formula.

French manicure is one of the biggest manicure trends we have seen in a while. Although some people choose to paint their nibs in a variety of pastel colors or earth tones, we still like the classic look of white nibs. Orly's French manicure provides this with its bright white hue, thanks to the professional 220 holder brush, which makes application easier. Porcelain clay and special hardeners are added to the formula to prevent breakage and help keep nails beautiful and strong.

If your biggest concern for polishing agents is to find formulas that do not contain irritating ingredients and toxic chemicals, we recommend this gentle choice. The formula does not contain 10, which means it does not contain any of the ten most common chemicals in polishing agents such as toluene, DBP and formaldehyde.

If you are a person who likes to bite your nails (whether it is habit or because of the pressure of the past year and a half), you need to use Sally Hansen's Color Therapy polish as soon as possible. The shade is a dreamy cloudy white, and the formula contains argan oil and other ingredients that help nourish and strengthen the nails over time.

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