Is the city of Hyderabad moving forward from its shiny nails?

2021-11-26 10:16:53 By : Mr. Bill Wang

Almost every fashion blogger has gold and silver leaf designs on their feeds on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr

The shiny nails are dead. It's time to continue doing something more interesting and fashionable. Foil nails are the latest fashion and are breaking the Internet. Almost all fashion bloggers' feeds on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr have shown gold and silver foil designs.

These may seem like a lot of work, but your manicure only needs to be modified slightly-replace your regular polish with an aluminum foil top coat.

“Until a few months ago, there was not much demand for aluminum foil nail art in Hyderabad. However, it has been on the rise since the past few months,” said professional nail and makeup artist Tanya Bansal, who is the owner of Tanya Bansal Make -In Banjara Hills Road No. 3 up Studio and Nail Design.

There are two ways to get those perfect gilded nails. "The first method, the customer chooses a nail color, and then we paste the colored foil with foil glue. They can choose the pattern we draw on the foil and paste it on the nail. The other method is to apply nail glue." , Then paste the foil and remove it immediately to obtain an abstract design. We usually use nail tweezers, UV gel, top coat and foil glue. "

Is it necessary to go to the studio to remove your nails? Absolutely! Tanya said: “When you remove the aluminum foil at home, you may hurt yourself. When you try to remove the polish, your nails will also become brittle. Therefore, it is best to ask a professional to remove your nails.”

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