11 nail polish colors in the fall of 2021 start to use immediately

2021-11-26 10:18:40 By : Ms. Stefanie Xu

Celebrity manicurists share their choices and predictions.

As summer slowly ends, it's time to start your fall beauty routine-this includes interesting new nail colors. In sharp contrast to the nail art trends that emerged earlier this year, which include cool patterns and designs such as grids, mismatched flowers, tie-dye effects, etc., this upcoming season is all about earthy colors (think Moss green, mustard yellow, and red-brown according to top nail artists), time-tested classics (such as burgundy and bright red), and subtle shimmers of neutral and gray.

"This season's strong artistic styling draws inspiration from eclectic colors," celebrity nail artist Deborah Lippmann told Bustle via email, adding that the most popular nail colors this fall call for "Chic Elegance and Folk Customs". What color does she like? Pink, bright red, caramel, soft fuchsia, and bronze with light blue and pink shimmers. "These combinations express richness and complexity," she said. "And [they] are the colors that light up the sky and explode at sunset."

For star manicurist Julie Kandalec such as Gigi Hadid and MJ Rodriguez, autumn will include rich jewel tones and velvety silk, as well as romantic colors "reminiscent of autumn leaves" such as burgundy and fuchsia. Professionals call Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion and Billie Eilish celebrities to find Mani inspiration.

Below, Lippmann, Kandalec and more top nail artists shared their choices and predictions for the best nail polish colors in the fall of 2021.

"In general, green has been popular all year," said Los Angeles Nails founder and manicurist Megan Fox and Kelani's manicurist Brittney Boyce. "But in the fall, we will see more subdued neutral green shades instead of bold Kelly green or lime green. Moss green looks beautiful on many skin tones, [and] there is an earthy, down-to-earth Atmosphere. Boyce specifically pointed out that Ollie's "Yehliu" is a reliable choice.

Sephora Collection national makeup artist Helen Phillips agreed, noting that olive, seaweed, and sage colors are green this fall. To go further, she suggested using Sephora Collection’s nail tool kit, “a chic kit that contains six essential tools that can be used for DIY nail art at home or for touch-ups on the go.”

Celebrity manicurist Mimi D told Bustle that she likes olive green because it is a "great transitional color." It is soft and soft, but bold enough to make a statement. Her choice? OPI's "Suzi-The First Lady of Nails" or "Central Parka" by China Glaze.

OPI's "Olive for Green" can do the same; for noncommittal people, Color Street's "She's a Trooper" nail strips will help you get a look in a pinch.

"Orange is very popular this summer," said Lexi Suga, a manicurist and owner of Notox Nails in Beverly Hills. "Her choice? Cirque Colors in "Bowery".

Boyce added that autumn will see more harvest-like pumpkin shades instead of the juicy orange shades suitable for summer. "[They] are warmer and very comforting. I don't want to call it a "pumpkin spice orange" because the oranges we will see this fall are not so bright and rich. It is more grounded and quieter." The first choice is Orly's "Lion's Ear".

Instead of choosing between red or brown (both are suitable for fall), try mixing shades. Kandalec refers to MiniLuxe's ​​"Mexi-Cocoa" (a rich hue similar to Mexican hot cocoa) as one of her favorite hue in the category. "This red-toned brown pays tribute to everything that people love about Mexico's rich food and cultural history," she said.

Choose shades with a hint of sparkle for a neutral look. Jenny Bui, the manicurist of Cardi B and the art ambassador of OPI, recommends OPI's "Metallic Composition", a fantastic shiny rose gold that is a great upgraded neutral color.

"Rose gold has always been popular in [autumn] because of its warmth and metallic luster," Suga added, who recommended Ella mia's "Rose-ay All Day".

According to Mimi D, autumn is a good time to play cream nude. "My favorite nails with bold autumn patterns such as plaid are full coverage nude, also called'mannequin nude'," she said. "It provides a clean and refreshing nail look while maintaining a focus on fashion. Her choices include Zoya's "Taylor" and Mented's "Brown & Bougie".

For star manicurist Elina Ogawa such as Saoirse Ronan and Carly Claus, elegant burgundy is the way to go. She especially likes Chanel's "Interdit"-a unique blood red. "The color is dark enough, but not too dark so that you can see the beautiful color on the nails," said the professional. "Looking at these nails, you will feel like autumn."

There will be no autumn without crisp yellow leaves. Mimi D pointed out that mustard yellow is a hue you will definitely see in autumn. "It reminds me of changing leaves," she said, adding that while this color is good on its own, it is also an interesting choice for French manicure or other nail patterns. "It matches well with many different colors and can also be used as a neutral color when choosing clothing." In addition, she added that it is very suitable for darker skin tones.

Metal nail polish is back, and if you haven't heard of it, it will be everywhere in the fall. Lippmann touts the "mineral richness" of metallic gray, and adds that she specifically selects "I'm Coming Out"-a bronze gel from her eponymous brand-as her favorite choice because it has Blue and pink glitter.

Or, expand your metallic color and choose a dark metallic green, Suga suggests, "because it is avant-garde and chic in the fall." Ollie's "retrograde" is good for this.

"This season we saw bright colors and soft autumn colors, forming a good contrast," Lippmann said. To counteract the earthy tones mentioned above, she suggests choosing classic bright red tones, such as Deborah Lippmann's "She's a Rebel".

Suga touts that blue-toned red is a recurring classic in autumn, and specifically pointed out that Chanel's "Terre Brûlée" is one of her favorites this season.

"In general, the soft and gorgeous colors are important this season," Boyce said. Instead of bright fuchsia shades, choose berry shades, "It's just warmer and more inviting, but still very eye-catching." Her favorite? Ollie's "heartstring".

When you think of soft lilac, you might think of spring, but Suga likes the delicate purple tones in the transition season from spring to winter. "Gray lilac is a beautiful, soft color, and the gray hues make it a beautiful color to wear when the weather gets cold in autumn," she said.

To get the look, consider Essie's "Lilacism", which looks great on your toes and fingers.