Top 9 nail art trends in 2022, start practicing as soon as possible

2021-11-26 10:16:38 By : Ms. Jessie Lee

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You have to admit: there is no shortage of outstanding nail trends in 2021 that are worth taking screenshots. Although there are still a few months away from 2022, we can already feel where things are going, and (spoiler!) The 2022 nail trends that you will love will have as much impact. If you are not ready to part ways with your favorites starting in 2021, please don't! You know the sentence: if it's not broken, don't fix it-just update it slightly with the 2022 twist.

Thanks to the fashion month show, we previewed the spring 2022 nail trends, but we also searched through TikTok and Instagram for all the best clues that might be popular next year, so you can start wearing them now. From popular nail colors to classic favorite updates, these will be the nine major nail trends coming in 2022.

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From yellow-green to Bottega green, 2021 will all be related to green, but don’t be surprised if you start to see more and more shades of blue appearing on the manis around you. In Pantone’s list of outstanding colors for New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022, four of the 10 colors are blue, just saying'. This deep-sea blue nail polish is perfect for the winter of early 2022, but it is expected that a lighter and brighter version will appear in spring and summer.

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For those who think that Mani without decoration is incomplete, this trend is important to you. Combine your love of glitter with stylish graphic lines to make your mani feel more modern, but still your style. Hey, crystal nails and minimal manicures are both big trends in the spring 2022 fashion show, so use this kind of manicure to combine the two. Start with a thin line of black nail polish, then apply glitter nail polish on top to complete the look.

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Nowadays, silver and gold are not only worn on fingers as jewelry and rings. You may have noticed many Mani with metallic details. It can be as simple as a silver bar along the cuticle, or as bold as a chain decoration, but there is definitely a moment for metal nail art. And there are many ways to wear a version of the appearance (for example, using chrome nail polish, foil, transfer foil or metal decoration), you have no reason to sit back and watch this trend.

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The current major trends will be equally popular in 2022? Mismatched nails, each nail has a different color, design or pattern position. With endless choices and combinations, the appearance will never go out of style, which is why you will see this versatile style in many seasons in the future. If you can never choose a nail color, have too many ideas, and think that one key nail is never enough, then this is the nail art for you.

𝐀π₯πžπ±β€’ 𝐌𝐒π₯𝐭𝐨𝐧 𝐊𝐞𝐲𝐧𝐞𝐬 𝐍𝐚𝐒π₯𝐬 (shared by @thehotble)

Two words: French manis. Whether you make them thick, ultra-thin, traditional, abstract, or somewhere in between, absolutely let all different types of French manicure be your first choice in 2022. So popular, you will even see the trend of mixing manicure types with other nail art on this list. French tips of various shapes, thicknesses and colors will be everywhere in 2022, please wait a moment.

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Have you ever thought that there will be whirlpools next year-they have just begun! As early as 2014, we all tried to apply water cups and nail polish to marble nails, right? Well, I hope you have been perfecting your technique and nail skills in the past few years, because you will see a lot of cool whirlpools like this in 2022 (and you may already see it in 2021). Try it on your nail tips or the entire nail, or switch to seasonal shades-you have unlimited options to wear and create your own style.

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If TikTok is any indication (usually), then everyone is now looking for the perfect pink nail polish, which means that by 2022, everyone will wear it. Did I mention that it is also a popular color on the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show? If you haven't found a hue that suits your skin tone, this popular TikTok is a good choice for an OPI fun bunny coat and two OPI bubble bath coats.

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If you haven't experienced the magic of nail stickers, let 2022 be the year of your final experience. Whether you want to use small nail stickers to add intricate designs to key nails, or you want to wrap the entire nail with gel polish, you can choose. Nowadays, you can even find patterns created by your favorite nail artist, such as this swoop mani designed by @nailsbymimi in collaboration with ManiMe (see it? Tell you your French skills are great).

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Push nails (as shown here) are not a new concept, but as more and more people discover how easy and fast it is to achieve any nail shape, length and design you want (and switch at any time) you want ), reusable luxury press nails will continue to be popular in the next few years.