19 best nail trends and design ideas for winter 2021

2021-11-26 10:16:44 By : Ms. Lynn Lin

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Winter is not the best time of the year for many things (well, sunshine, warmth, happiness, etc.), and honestly, it is not the best time for your nails. Between the dry, fragile tip and the exfoliated cuticle (does anyone else use a bottle of cuticle oil every year, or is it just me?) I don’t fully know it’s time to make your mani shine. But things are changing!

If you currently think that winter is a terrible time and you must stop wearing soft rainbow-colored nails and interesting prints, please think again. Winter nail colors can also be interesting. In order to prove this to you, I have collected 19 not boring winter nail trends for 2021 for copying as soon as possible. Keep scrolling to see all the manicures, tips, and products to do it yourself in the winter.

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Do you know what goes well with cool weather? Cool nails. I would never like to paint different colors on each finger. If you have the same idea, you can make your nails feel very cold by alternating multiple blue nail polishes and a touch of green, just like here Round nails shown.

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The only nail look that is more classic than the shape of almond nails is neutral or nude nail polish. Match them together, just like the nail art trends shown here, your nails will look good all year.

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The mixture of matte and shiny nails is one of the biggest nail trends in the fall of 2021, and you better believe it is still a cool idea in winter. Try to match a variety of red nail polish tones to make the trend look more festive.

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If Hanukkah is the first thing you think of when you hear "winter", use the smallest blue strips to bring this subtle nail shape to add some spice to the classic French tips. This is the ultimate Hanukkah nail looking for the smallest mani type.

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The winter sunset is underestimated (if you don't believe me, please Google Images). So in order to bring the feeling home, I strongly recommend this set of pre-painted nails, which makes it easy to DIY the winter nail art trend.

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Brown nail polish is one of the biggest nail trends in 2021, so at the end of the year, make an explosion and a pop like this warm grayish brown. Not only does a melted smiley look cool, but the curved outline is easier to draw with your non-dominant hand than a perfect circle.

❄️Reproduce the look: Essie Nail Polish Wild Nude

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These swirls and subtle dot nails are made of different shades of white nail polish and look like melting ice and snowflakes (but beautiful, not rough, muddy things).

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Do you know what is groundbreaking? Winter flowers. Even if winter is approaching, don't be afraid to wear your favorite floral nail design. A combination of black and gold nails or a mixture of black and white nails will make it feel very suitable for this season.

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Combine the emerald green nail polish with the shape of almond nails and you will have a modern Christmas nail design. The tip of the green triangle looks like a small Christmas tree, doesn't it?

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Finally, you can and should use a little holographic nail polish or transfer foil to bring all your love for animal prints to the winter of 2021, such as the oval nails shown here.

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I have never liked the color combination more than this cold blue and warm brown combination. Medium rectangular nails are the perfect canvas for drawing all the abstract designs your little heart desires.

❄️Recreate the look: Ella Mila BonBon series nail polish My Baby Blue

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With a little transfer foil, you can turn the pure white nail polish into the whole milky moment. Use golden nail polish to paint a touch of gold on the edges of your nails to make your nails look like jewelry.

❄️Reproduce the appearance: AIFAIFA Metallic Nail Foils

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If you really want to accentuate your almond-shaped nails, use a longer French manicure. This versatile nail art trend looks cool with your winter uniform, but it can also clean up your holiday party.

❄️Recreate the look: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails French Manicure

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Animal print? Check. Cloud printing? Check. Check printing? Literally, check. In order to prevent all the different prints from conflicting, please use a small amount of complementary colors, such as the earth tone autumn nail polish color shown here, which can be a good transition to winter.

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There is really no better time of the year to wear gray than in winter, but when winter fatigue begins to spread, use a neon yellow stripe to brighten everything up. And since this design can be done even with short nails, you don't have to wear gloves to get good nails.

❄️Reproduce the appearance: Orly nail polish in the light stick

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Thanks to the mix of light pink nail polish and classic red, these Valentine's Day nails are the best way to transition from winter nail trends to spring.

❄️Reproduce the appearance: La Pierre Lacquer in the cherry blossoms

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Have a cold heart? identical! Embrace it and incorporate the light blue heart-shaped pattern into your winter manicure look.

❄️Recreate the look: Olive and June blue crush suit

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You wear the same negative space nail trend throughout spring and summer, but to stay popular in the colder months, add black nail polish between the half moon shape and French tip for winter 2021.

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If you also like swirl prints these days and often alternate between wearing your swirl shirt and dress, then you need these medium-length coffin nails with brown, gray and lavender nail polish stripes to match.

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