Harry Styles wants to please you | dazed beauties

2021-11-26 10:17:21 By : Ms. Amy Wang

Doha Cat, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Every Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Halsey, Farrell, Osaka Naomi, Alicia Keys, and now, Harris Taylors make up the list of celebrity beauty careers that have recently ventured into. Although rumors surrounding the Styles product line have been circulating for some time, the musician appeared to have launched Pleasing yesterday, uploading a set of black and white beach promos to the official Instagram account.

Stiles is currently at the last stop of his concert tour. This weekend, the busiest hot spots in London were filled with mysterious billboard posters, and loot boxes began to appear on the pages of Instagram influencers. Of course, technically speaking, Styles has not confirmed any details, and the details are still very few, but in terms of its products, Pleasing seems to have launched four nail polishes, a gloss serum and a dual-tube lip polish. -Eye gel pen. It is foreseeable that all the pre-ordered products are now sold out, but it is said that more products will be available on November 29. 

As early as May, US Weekly found some documents that seemed to list Styles and his long-time executive assistant Emma Spring as directors of Pleased As Holdings Limited. Then, in August, the singer was found wearing a black hoodie with the words "Pleasing" printed on the front. Now, in an Instagram story uploaded by beauty journalist Chloe Burcham this morning, a PR postcard reads: “Founded by Harry Styles in 2021, our mission is to bring delightful experiences and products that stimulate the senses and blur boundaries . From nail polish to skin care, to anything we find pleasing, we draw inspiration from nature’s ways of decorating and the many unique identities of our community. We believe that by exploring the contradictions around us and in our hearts, we The myth of dual existence can be dispelled"-so far, Harry Styles has also been the same.