Short Nail Manicure | Rock Candy Beauty

2021-12-14 15:34:08 By : Mr. Lein Wang

Since about 2011, I have fallen in love with wearing nail art. Whether it's the smallest negative space line or the complete Harajuku 3D artwork, I spent a few hours and a lot of dollars decorating my fingers. Like many other nail lovers, I will show my designs on Instagram. But I have to admit that when a stranger commented on one of my nail art photos, I felt sad (and a bit unsafe), "Oh short nails!"

Before this, I never thought about my short nails. As someone who types all day and likes to cook, keeping it short makes the most sense to my lifestyle. I didn't realize that I let the larger Instagram community down. After the initial sting, I let the comments roll off my back. I love natural beauty, so I doubt that I will never get nail extensions. And you can bet I won't stop wearing creative paint designs.

So, I encourage my friends who wear short nails to celebrate our mini canvas. Read on to learn how women with short nails like me prove that good things (hell, wonderful things!) come in small packages.

Maggie Ryan 17 hours ago

By Njera Perkins 18 hours ago

By Kelsey Gibson 21 hours ago

Kelsey Garcia 22 hours ago

By Jenny Sugar 22 hours ago

By Naledi Ushe 22 hours ago

by Princess Gabbara 1 day ago

By Njera Perkins 2 days ago

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